Heat Pump Water Heaters are Efficient and Sustainable

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Water heating can be a real drain on your energy budget. In fact, it's the second-largest energy user for the typical household. Electric heat pump water heaters are your energy-efficient alternative to conventional units. They can save you energy and money and reduce your impact on the environment.

Lower operating costs

Heat pump water heaters are more efficient than conventional units. How? While most water heaters rely on fuel to generate the heat used to warm your household's water, heat pump models pull heat directly from the air. That means you'll save energy and money on what was previously used to create that heat.

This feature makes heat pump water heaters much more efficient than their conventional counterparts. That efficiency can save you up to hundreds of dollars on energy bills each year. Also heat pumps tend to require less maintenance than conventional water heaters and they last longer, saving you even more.

Increased safety

Gas-fueled water heaters emit carbon monoxide, which can be deadly. Plus, there is the potential for gas leaks. With electric heat pump water heaters, onsite emissions and worries about gas leaks will be a thing of the past. Plus, the unit doesn't get too hot, making it safer for curious kids or pets at home.

Smaller environmental footprint

Heat pump water heaters are also better for the environment. Because heat pumps move heat rather than create it, there's no burning fossil fuels on site, and no greenhouse gas emissions. Heat pumps do use electricity, which creates emissions. However, the high efficiency of heat pump units combined with the fact that more renewable energy is being used on the grid, means that electric heat pump water heaters can reduce your overall environmental footprint.

Reach for the ENERGY STARĀ®

When you have a new heat pump water installed, make sure it's ENERGY STARĀ®-certified. ENERGY STAR is a program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that tests and certifies products for energy efficiency and performance. ENERGY STAR heat pump water heaters can save an average household of four about $550 each year and more than $5,600 over the unit's lifetime.

Heat pump water heaters are the more efficient, safer and environmentally friendly choice for your household.